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Lapara Surgical is a start-up company with a mission to make laparoscopy more widely available.

Clear health and economical benefits for society put pressure on hospitals and surgeons to offer more laparoscopic procedures. This means longer working hours and complexer surgeries, which require better surgical skills and more skilled physicians. The disadvantages of conventional laparoscopy prevent the widespread use needed to meet this demand. Current technological approaches offer solutions at a high financial cost and therefore eliminate the economical benefits. An innovation is needed which offers work-related benefits for the surgeon, brings back economical benefits for the hospital and sustains the health benefits for the patient.

Clinical benefits

Economic benefits

Labour benefits


The first product Lapara Surgical will bring to market is the MIA.
The MIA makes laparoscopy widely available, by adressing the three pillars: clinical, economical, and labour. Clinical benefits -shorter, less painfull recovery and less scarring- are maintained by a minimally invasive approach. Economical benefits of laparoscopy - reduced hospitalisation and infection risks - are sustained by offering a fully mechanical device, which does not require the high purchasing, maintenance, and procedural costs of advanced robotic systems. Labour benefits -short learning curves and improved ergonomics - are reached by natural instrument movements, and a seated position. The MIA combines the best of both conventional and robotic-assisted Laparoscopy, offering benefits for the patient, hospital, and surgeon.
A patented Proof of Concept has been used in non-clinical testing, which validated the benefits for surgeons such as ergonomics, additional movements and a short learning curve. International partnerships for R&D, manufacturing and distribution are now being developed for the next steps in order to test clinical prototypes in 2018 and rollout commercially in 2019 worldwide.


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